Monday, November 4, 2013


Rylie turned 1 almost a week ago, but today she had her 1 year check up, so my stats are now up to date.
Momma, I have to wear shoes for my photo shoot?
Yes, honey, big girls wear shoes.
So, I'm a BIG girl now??

Yes ma'am.

In that case, I better show everyone how I can stand like a big girl!

That's a great idea, sweetheart.
I thought so..

Now, if I could just get down there and make my escape!

Not yet, give me a smile!

How was that?  That was a good one, huh?

Yes it was.  You have the prettiest smile...

Ok, so NOW can I get out of here?


How about just one more smile?
THEN can I get out of here?


Well, in that case...
So, what is the big ONE year old doing?
She is trying so hard to talk.  Her favorite phrase is Uh-oh!  She drops things just so she can say it.
She loves talking to her daddy on the cell phone.  She thinks it's so funny when he calls and talks to her on speaker phone.
She still loves her scooting method to get around, but she does crawl in the traditional manner too.
She pulls up and cruises on everything.
She can walk with her little walker, but won't let go...yet...
She loves staring out the window when it is open.
She loves books and reading.  She can kind of say "book."  It sounds like "guk."
She is eating a variety of finger foods.  She loves her cheerios, bananas, beans, and yogurt bites.  She's still not too crazy about vegetables but she gets lots in the form of her favorite "Spinach, Peas, and Pears" baby food pouch.
She drinks whole milk from a cup.
She loves animals, especially her puppies.
She loves her stuffed animals (especially Pooh) and hugs and pats their bottoms like they are little babies.
Sleep schedule is still the same:  To bed by 8, up by 6:30.  Wakes once during the night.
She has two more teeth (top middle).
She is wearing size 12 months and even starting to wear some 18 month stuff.
She wears size 4 diapers.
She weighs 19lb 11oz (just under 25th percentile).
She is 29.5 inches tall (50-75 percentile).
Size 3 shoes (when she will keep them on).  I think she'll be in a size 4 soon.
I cannot believe our baby is a whole year old.  This has been the greatest year of my life so far, and I can't wait to see what unfolds in her second year!

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  1. Thanks so much for these updates. It helps us feel more a part of her life. Love and kisses from Nonny!